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Gold price suppression is public record and public policy, not 'conspiracy theory'





545 PEOPLE--By Charlie Reese

Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them..

Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?

Have you ever wondered, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes?

You and I don't propose a federal budget. The president does.

You and I don't have the Constitutional authority to vote on appropriations. The House of Representatives does.

You and I don't write the tax code, Congress does.

You and I don't set fiscal policy, Congress does.

You and I don't control monetary policy, the Federal Reserve Bank does.

One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one president, and nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545 human beings out of the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.

I excluded the members of the Federal Reserve Board because that problem was created by the Congress. In 1913, Congress delegated its Constitutional duty to provide a sound currency to a federally chartered, but private, central bank.

I excluded all the special interests and lobbyists for a sound reason. They have no legal authority. They have no ability to coerce a senator, a congressman, or a president to do one cotton-picking thing. I don't care if they offer a politician $1 million dollars in cash. The politician has the power to accept or reject it. No matter what the lobbyist promises, it is the legislator's responsibility to determine how he votes.

Those 545 human beings spend much of their energy convincing you that what they did is not their fault. They cooperate in this common con regardless of party.

What separates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall. No normal human being would have the gall of a Speaker, who stood up and criticized the President for creating deficits..... The president can only propose a budget. He cannot force the Congress to accept it.

The Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, gives sole responsibility to the House of Representatives for originating and approving appropriations and taxes. Who is the speaker of the House? Nancy Pelosi. She is the leader of the majority party. She and fellow House members, not the president, can approve any budget they want. If the president vetoes it, they can pass it over his veto if they agree to.

It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million can not replace 545 people who stand convicted -- by present facts -- of incompetence and irresponsibility. I can't think of a single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people. When you fully grasp the plain truth that 545 people exercise the power of the federal government, then it must follow that what exists is what they want to exist.

If the tax code is unfair, it's because they want it unfair.

If the budget is in the red, it's because they want it in the red ..

If the Army & Marines are in IRAQ , it's because they want them in IRAQ

If they do not receive social security but are on an elite retirement plan not available to the people, it's because they want it that way.

There are no insoluble government problems.

Do not let these 545 people shift the blame to bureaucrats, whom they hire and whose jobs they can abolish; to lobbyists, whose gifts and advice they can reject; to regulators, to whom they give the power to regulate and from whom they can take this power. Above all, do not let them con you into the belief that there exists disembodied mystical forces like "the economy," "inflation," or "politics" that prevent them from doing what they take an oath to do.

Those 545 people, and they alone, are responsible.

They, and they alone, have the power..

They, and they alone, should be held accountable by the people who are their bosses.

Provided the voters have the gumption to manage their own employees...
We should vote all of them out of office and clean up their mess!

Charlie Reese is a former columnist of the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper.

What you do with this article now that you have read it......... Is up to you.

This might be funny if it weren't so darned true.

Be sure to read all the way to the end:

Tax his land,

Tax his bed,

Tax the table,

At which he's fed.

Tax his tractor,

Tax his mule,

Teach him taxes

Are the rule.

Tax his work,

Tax his pay,

He works for peanuts


Tax his cow,

Tax his goat,

Tax his pants,

Tax his coat.

Tax his ties,

Tax his shirt,

Tax his work,

Tax his dirt.

Tax his tobacco,

Tax his drink,

Tax him if he

Tries to think.

Tax his cigars,

Tax his beers,

If he cries

Tax his tears.

Tax his car,

Tax his gas,

Find other ways

To tax his ass.

Tax all he has

Then let him know

That you won't be done

Till he has no dough.

When he screams and hollers;

Then tax him some more,

Tax him till

He's good and sore.

Then tax his coffin,

Tax his grave,

Tax the sod in

Which he's laid...

Put these words

Upon his tomb,

Taxes drove me

to my doom...'

When he's gone,

Do not relax,

Its time to apply

The inheritance tax..

Accounts Receivable Tax

Building Permit Tax

CDL license Tax

Cigarette Tax

Corporate Income Tax

Dog License Tax

Excise Taxes

Federal Income Tax

Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)

Fishing License Tax

Food License Tax

Fuel Permit Tax

Gasoline Tax (currently 44.75 cents per gallon)

Gross Receipts Tax

Hunting License Tax

Inheritance Tax

Inventory Tax

IRS Interest Charges IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)

Liquor Tax

Luxury Taxes

Marriage License Tax

Medicare Tax

Personal Property Tax

Property Tax

Real Estate Tax

Service Charge Tax

Social Security Tax

Road Usage Tax

Recreational Vehicle Tax

Sales Tax

School Tax

State Income Tax

State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)

Telephone Federal Excise Tax

Telephone Federal Universal Service FeeTax

Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes

Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax

Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax

Telephone State and Local Tax

Telephone Usage Charge Tax

Utility Taxes

Vehicle License Registration Tax

Vehicle Sales Tax

Watercraft Registration Tax

Well Permit Tax

Workers Compensation Tax

STILL THINK THIS IS FUNNY? Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago, & our nation was the most prosperous in the world. We had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in the world, and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.

What in the hell happened? Can you spell 'politicians?'

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The article is:



The lack of understanding of why IT IS IMPERATIVE TO HAVE GOLD right now in this article and many of the other comments here, explains a lot of why the people of the U.S. and other countries have allowed their guv'mints to get them into this financial disaster.

I won't bother to explain it here, but will instead refer you to the one man who CLEARLY KNOWS what is going on and why.

His name is JIM SINCLAIR and his website is JSMINESET.COM.

You should read it EVERY DAY and BELIEVE WITH YOUR ENTIRE BEING what he is telling you.

MarketWatch and many of the anti gold idiots who comment here attacked me when I ran one of the most successful groups on the MarketWatch Community, GOLDTRADER'S GROUP.

I have since been posting free charts as close to real time as possible, a comments blog for informative articles, and a talkbacktogoldtrader blog.

All you have to do is Google GOLDTRADER to find us.

I am 65 years old and have been trading gold since 1973, so I have been through all the 1970-80s markets and have seen it all.


As is most of the world that has allowed themselves to be dependent on the U.S. DOLLAR which has been debased and devalued to the point of worthlessness.

The only thing that is keeping most economies running at the moment is UNENDING PRINTING OF PAPER MONEY which, when it finally permeates the markets, will COLLAPSE ALL PAPER MONEY that isn't completely backed BY GOLD.

If you don't have physical gold right now, you are going to die in the streets soon when the violence starts like you are beginning to see in Greece and other areas of the world where the money becomes worthless and all goods become scarce or non-existent.

The CRIMINALS running the U.S. Guv'mint are leading you into a hell you will not be able to imagine.

It's time for the citizens of the world to take back their governments and acknowledge their losses, which are great and very painful, and restore their medium of exchange to gold and silver or currencies that are completely 100% BACKED BY GOLD.

Anything else will allow the shysters to, once again, debase the medium of exchange and STEAL from those who think it still has consistent value.

Debasing currencies by over printing them causes HYPERINFLATION which is the worst of all taxes.



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A parable about how one nation came to financial ruin.

Basically, It's Over

A parable about how one nation came to financial ruin.

By Charles Munger (Warren Buffet's long time friend and business partner)

Updated Sunday, Feb. 21, 2010



Dan Denning, reporting from Melbourne, Australia...

Recently we claimed that borrowing your way to national prosperity is a sure-fire way to servitude and political instability. Today, we aim to prove it. To do so, we cite this article from Reuters. It suggests that China is using or should use its large holdings of US Treasury bonds as a cudgel with which to bludgeon the United States, its strategic adversary/indispensable economic partner.

Figures in the People’s Liberation Army want the financiers to sell US bonds as a way of punishing Washington for selling arms to Taiwan. Mind you this might not seem like such a good idea if the bond selling triggers a run on the dollar and swift devaluation in China’s forex reserves. But maybe China’s arsenal of US bonds is like a pile of bullets – they’re no good unless you fire them.

Of course what we’re suggesting is that China accumulated US debt as both a by-product and a weapon. The huge stock of US government securities was a by-product of China’s trade strategy. That strategy was to keep its currency low and gain global manufacturing market share through low labour and production costs. The result was a blizzard of US dollar trade surpluses that were reinvested into US bonds.

You could say it’s China that’s paid for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But why is this bundle of bonds now a weapon? We think China’s export-driven growth strategy is on its last legs. Labor unions in Europe and America – given today’s political climate and high unemployment – will have the ear of politicians. And they will be saying something like this, “Make the Chinese pay!”

What they’ll mean is that China will be pressured to give up its main economic weapon – currency manipulation. This has kept Chinese exports cheap all over the world and led to the gutting of American manufacturing jobs. It’s made it pretty tough on exporters in Europe too. As a result of China’s dollar peg, European exporters suffered doubly from a weaker US dollar. American goods were cheaper in Europe. But European goods were not cheaper in China.

So the unions and the politicians will probably not tolerate another leg of the global recession in which China gains more market share by keeping the currency peg and exporting its way to more growth (if growth is to be had). It brings us to the end-game of China’s export-driven development.

It also brings us back to one of the great monetary questions of the day: when will China de-peg? The answer has always been simple: when it is in China’s interests to do. To us, that means China will de-peg when the benefits of increased purchasing power in the currency are more important that dwindling export profits.

In other words, we think China is close to a new phase of growth that’s driven by consumer demand, domestic consumption, and more mature Chinese capital markets open to foreign investment. A de-pegging of the currency would see a much stronger yuan. This would give Chinese savers a lot of spending power on global markets. They would also be able to buy more Chinese goods, which might lead to higher wages in China too (and more stoking of consumer demand).

This is all a theory, of course. And we could be way wrong. But there will come a day when Chinese customers are worth more to Chinese producers than American customers. De-pegging the currency will bring that day forward. And it could be sooner than you think.

This means that the accumulation of forex reserves was never really meant to protect China from external trade shocks, although they would be handy in that event. It means they were a side effect of a trade strategy whose ultimate objective was to gain as much global manufacturing market share as possible.

Now, you might wonder why China would damage its own interests by “punishing” the United States and selling bonds. But it depends on what China’s interests are. If China’s interests are in fundamentally weakening an economic competitor and strategic adversary, then selling US bonds is in China’s interests.

China’s ultimate interests are in regaining Taiwan. And we’d suggest it try and use its bond leverage to weaken US resolve about defending Taiwan. And selling US bonds or crashing the dollar wouldn’t just weaken US resolve. It would expose the loss of strategic influence that occurs when you are a chronic debtor nation.

Mind you the US still has a lot of aircraft carriers, strategic bombers, and nuclear weapons. It’s not like it is bereft of tools of persuasion. But the basis of all those tools has always been a strong economy, a strong industrial base, and sound finances.

The question now is, if the base of military strength has been eroded, how long will the US maintain its military advantage? Can America afford it? And when push comes to shove, will American voters demand that an American President defend Taiwan? Hmmn...

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Wealth Disparities in U.S. Approaching 1920s Levels

from SEEKING ALPHA  Feb 21.2010


[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at
as this email copy does not contain the links embedded in the original report.]

February 20, 2010

US Suicide Pilot Joe Stack Named First "Gray Champion" Of 21st Century

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

In a move sure to bring both shock and fear to the ruling classes of
United States, especially their government officials, the American
Patriot Community has named suicide pilot Joe Stack as their "first Gray
Champion of the 21st Century".

According to the American Patriot website GrayChampion.Com, by Joe
Stack's piloting his plane into the Austin, Texas Echelon Federal
Building this past week he "has fired the first shot in the New American

GrayChampion.Com defines a Gray Champion as follows:

"Gray Champion's are also those rarest of Americans, arising to stand
among their fellow citizens to "do their duty" on an average of once or
twice every generation..a time that has come, once again, as the future
of the United States hangs in the balance.

The true determination of who can be called a Gray Champion rests with
history as these rarest of Americans were during their times, and by the
actions they performed, were always labeled as terrorists, rebels,
murderers and traitors and held up for scorn by the elite classes,
government officials and media barons who were the targets of these Gray
Champions in the first place."

In our previous report about the actions of Joe Stack (and actually when
we had first heard of the American moniker "Gray Champion") to strike
back against a government he believed no longer served the true
interests of its citizens, we quoted from his "manifesto" delivered to
the World upon his death, and wherein he said:

"I can only hope that the numbers quickly get too big to be white washed
and ignored that the American zombies wake up and revolt; it will take
nothing less. I would only hope that by striking a nerve that stimulates
the inevitable double standard, knee-jerk government reaction that
results in more stupid draconian restrictions people wake up and begin
to see the pompous political thugs and their mindless minions for what
they are.

Sadly, though I spent my entire life trying to believe it wasn't so, but
violence not only is the answer, it is the only answer. The cruel joke
is that the really big chunks of shit at the top have known this all
along and have been laughing, at and using this awareness against, fools
like me all along."

To the fears of Joe Stack and his fellow American citizens of their
living in a country whose government no longer serves them, but in
chilling fact sees them all as enemies and has begun targeting them for
destruction, the evidence is becoming overwhelming, and as we can read:

As reported by the ABC Television News Service in their February 3rd
article titled "License to Kill? Intelligence Chief Says U.S. Can Take
Out American Terrorists" they report:

"The director of national intelligence affirmed rather bluntly today
that the U.S. intelligence community has authority to target American
citizens for assassination if they present a direct terrorist threat to
the United States.

"We take direct actions against terrorists in the intelligence
community; if . we think that direct action will involve killing an
American, we get specific permission to do that," Director of National
Intelligence Dennis Blair told the House Intelligence Committee."

Based upon US Intelligence Director Blair's testimony to Congress, and
should the American government had discovered Joe Stack's plan to attack
the Echelon Federal Building in Texas, they had the right to assassinate
him instead of arresting him and bringing him to trial, and which flies
in the face of every standard the United States was built upon, not to
mention its being against their own laws and Constitution.

And it gets worse.

In a just released report (February 19th) titled "Bush Lawyer Said
President Could Order Civilians to Be 'Massacred'" by the American news
magazine Newsweek it is said:

"The chief author of the Bush administration's "torture memo" told
Justice Department investigators that the president's war-making
authority was so broad that he had the constitutional power to order a
village to be "massacred", according to a report by released Friday
night by the Office of Professional Responsibility."

To those Americans believing that their government would never result to
the wholesale massacring of them they are warned to think twice,
especially when viewed in the light of a just released article by the US
Newswire Service titled "1,000 Architects & Engineers Call for New 9/11
Investigation" and which, in part, says:
"Richard Gage, AIA, architect and founder of the non-profit Architects &
Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Inc. (AE911Truth), will announce a decisive
milestone today at a press conference in San Francisco, as more than
1,000 worldwide architects and engineers now support the call for a new
investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 at
the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. After careful examination
of the official explanation, along with the forensic data omitted from
official reports, these professionals have concluded that a new
independent investigation into these mysterious collapses is needed.

Gage and his group base their conclusions on forensic evidence. Gage
states, "The official FEMA and NIST reports provide insufficient,
contradictory, and fraudulent accounts of the circumstances of the
towers' destruction. We are therefore calling for a grand jury
investigation of NIST officials. Gage points out the destruction of the
third high-rise, World Trade Center 7, a 47-story skyscraper which was
not hit by an aircraft, yet came down in pure free-fall acceleration for
more than 100 feet, a significant fact that NIST has been forced to
admit, due to research conducted by AE911Truth petition signers. Other
disturbing facts emerging from the forensic evidence include:

Complete destruction of both Twin Towers in just 10 to 14 seconds at
near free-fall acceleration

Over 100 first-responder reports of explosions and flashes at onset of

Multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally 600 ft at 60 mph

Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete & metal deck
in 1200-foot-dia. debris field: no "pancaked" floors seen in the debris pile

Several tons of molten metal found in debris.

Evidence of advanced explosive nano-thermitic composite material found
in the WTC dust by an international team of scientists"

Even worse for these Americans are those still believing that President
Obama is going to protect them, but which all the evidence clearly shows
he is not going to do, in fact, since taking office he has not only
continued all of the former President Bush's policies, he is now
actively involved in protecting from prosecution the Bush Administration
"architects" of the new Fascist state being created in the United States
along with continuing the cover-up of the events surrounding 9/11, and
as we can read:

As reported by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled
"DOJ review finds no misconduct by memo authors", Obama overruled his
own Department of Justice lawyers who wanted the Bush Administration
authors of the so called "torture memos" prosecuted and has allowed them
to go unpunished, and as we can read:

"An initial review by the Justice Department's internal affairs unit
found that former[Bush] government lawyers Jay Bybee and John Yoo had
committed professional misconduct, a conclusion that could have cost
them their law licenses. But, underscoring just how controversial and
legally thorny the memos have become, the Justice Department's top
career lawyer [and close Obama friend] reviewed the matter and disagreed."

Scarier still about Obama are new reports coming from the US questioning
weather he is even in control, and as we can read as reported by the
Salon.Com News Service in their report titled "Who's in control in the
White House?", and which, in part, says:

"Recall that one year ago, Obama instructed the DEA to follow his
campaign pledge and respect local statutes legalizing medicinal
marijuana. When the DEA kept raiding pot dispensaries in states that had
passed such laws, Attorney General Eric Holder reiterated the cease and
desist decree, stating that "What (Obama) said during the campaign is
now American policy."

As even more raids nonetheless continued, the Justice Department then
issued an explicit memo ordering federal agents to refrain from
prosecuting those who are in "compliance with existing state laws
providing for the medical use of marijuana."

And yet the DEA has recently intensified its crackdown. Here in Colorado
-- where voters enshrined medical marijuana's legality in our state
constitution -- the feds not only raided two dispensaries, but did so in
a way that deliberately humiliated their superiors.

In January, the DEA stormed a company that performs cannabis quality
tests. The firm's alleged infraction? Following protocol and formally
applying for a federal equipment license. DEA rogues responded to the
request not with thanks or -- heaven forbid -- approval, but instead
with the gestapo.

This was topped last week when DEA agents arrested a medical marijuana
grower who dared discuss his business with a local news outlet. Sensing
a P.R. opportunity, DEA agent Jeffrey Sweetin used the spectacle to
insist that he will not listen to stand-down directives from his bosses."

Now most interesting about all of these events now occurring in the
United States, including Joe Stack now being said to be one of the "Gray
Champions" of his generation, is that they have been predicted to occur,
and as we can read as reported by the Wall Street Journal News Service
in their December 29, 2008 article titled "As if Things Weren't Bad

Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.", and which says:

"For a decade, Russian academic Igor Panarin has been predicting the
U.S. will fall apart in 2010. For most of that time, he admits, few took
his argument -- that an economic and moral collapse will trigger a civil
war and the eventual breakup of the U.S. -- very seriously. Now he's
found an eager audience: Russian state media.

In recent weeks, he's been interviewed as much as twice a day about his
predictions. "It's a record," says Prof. Panarin. "But I think the
attention is going to grow even stronger."

Prof. Panarin, 50 years old, is not a fringe figure. A former KGB
analyst, he is dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry's academy for future
diplomats. He is invited to Kremlin receptions, lectures students,
publishes books, and appears in the media as an expert on U.S.-Russia

But it's his bleak forecast for the U.S. that is music to the ears of
the Kremlin, which in recent years has blamed Washington for everything
from instability in the Middle East to the global financial crisis. Mr.
Panarin's views also fit neatly with the Kremlin's narrative that Russia
is returning to its rightful place on the world stage after the weakness
of the 1990s, when many feared that the country would go economically
and politically bankrupt and break into separate territories.

A polite and cheerful man with a buzz cut, Mr. Panarin insists he does
not dislike Americans. But he warns that the outlook for them is dire.

"There's a 55-45% chance right now that disintegration will occur," he
says. "One could rejoice in that process," he adds, poker-faced. "But if
we're talking reasonably, it's not the best scenario -- for Russia."

Though Russia would become more powerful on the global stage, he says,
its economy would suffer because it currently depends heavily on the
dollar and on trade with the U.S.

Mr. Panarin posits, in brief, that mass immigration, economic decline,
and moral degradation will trigger a civil war next fall and the
collapse of the dollar. Around the end of June 2010, or early July, he
says, the U.S. will break into six pieces -- with Alaska reverting to
Russian control."

In these most darkest of times, and as the fate of America now hangs in
the balance, one can only hope that her people will awaken, and in their awakening arise together, as the one people that they are, so that when
the history of these times are written, and though many of them will
become their own "Gray Champions", a new and better Nation may be born

© February 20, 2010 EU and US all rights reserved

-- Sorcha Faal