Thursday, April 30, 2009


unwashedmass 1 hour ago +10 Votes (11 Up / 1 Dn) | Report Abuse Sent and they wiped the summary of the Cartel's actions clean.....well, let's repost it... Monday -- gold was over 900, so they dumped 11oo contracts in the thin Globex markets to take us down to 900 Tuesday -- prep begins for Fed meeting, new bond sale announcement, they work it down to just under 900 Wednesday >>> minute by minute struggle during Fed day to maintain under 900 gets over 900 Thursday >> London session, they work it down.....and at 8:30 this morning, timed almost to the minute with the announcment of the Chrysler bankruptcy, ONE "macro seller" walks into the Comex, does a major dump and takes gold down to the 880 level in a heart beat. Yes it has been a busy, busy week for the Cartel have to work hard when you are trying to manipulate a market and it means doing something that contradicts EVERY KNOWN ECONOMIC LAW AND FUNDMENTAL....AND COMMON SENSE.

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