Saturday, April 25, 2009


My two good friends, very healthy, robust people, just flew to Las Vegas and drove to other areas nearby. They got very sick with a Flu virus and are still recovering. They more than likely got infected on the plane flight. Read this article and the links within it to become more informed. April 25, 2009 Mexican Drug Cartel Linked With al Qaeda Unleashes Pandemic By: Sorcha Faal KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN DON'T TOUCH SENSITIVE MEMBRANE AREAS WITH DIRTY HANDS (mouth, nose, eyes, and you know where else!) WEAR A GAUZE MASK IF YOU TRAVEL ON AN AIRPLANE AND PUT SOME ANTI BACTERIAL OINTMENT IN YOUR NOSE HOLES STAY OUT OF CROWDS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND WASH YOUR HANDS AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY DO THE SAME FOR ANY YOUNG CHILDREN, AS THEY TOUCH EVERYTHING AND THEN PUT THEIR HANDS IN THEIR MOUTH AND NOSE ALL THE TIME.

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