Friday, July 10, 2009


TUFFY just disappeared around Monday July 6th. No sign of him. He will be missed. He lived free and was loved and treated well. This is the price of freedom.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it.
Our cats are ALWAYS indoor cats... safer for them and they're just as happy as ever.

gt said...


My cats LOVE being outdoors in all kinds of weather. They travel with me and get to experience the many incredible nature areas in our country during our many trips around the country.

They are very obediant little boys and come when I call them (except when they don't want to!) because they KNOW they are FREE to come and go as they please.

I derive great pleasure in seeing them prowl around new territory from the forests of the North to the deserts of the

Safety has a price. It's called lack of experience.

I'm sure the lives my cats have experienced have been much more rewarding, although shorter than I would have wished for them, than most cats that just get to sit in a window and stare outside, sleep, and waddle over to their food bowl.

I prefer providing the greatest FREEDOM possible for all my pets.

They return a great deal of affection to me knowing they are not 'captives', but equal beings with me in the universe.

Thanks for your condolences, but I'm not grieving this time.

Although, I do miss Tuffy's presence a great deal. He was a central figure in this household.

If he doesn't miraculously return, he will be missed and thought about every day.