Wednesday, August 12, 2009


In recent days the economic situation has finally triggered the populace to voice its anger, at one of the few venues (townhall meetings) afforded to them for such purpose, over what our 'leaders' have done to us all. The sad part is that those who are blessed to have access to our TV media don't have a clue why the people are mad and becoming violent. Chris Matthews, yesterday, interviewed the fellow who carried a legally licensed, loaded side arm (legal in his state) outside O'bomba's town meeting. He grilled the man in such a rude and authoritarian manner, with the implication that the man was a nut, that I would have thought Chris was our 'National Prosecutor' of all things unAmerican. The man held his ground, despite the unfamiliar territory before the lights and cameras, and was informed enough to counter all Matthew's prosecutorial thrusts, with his limp sword of indignation, at a citizen who dared to own his Constitutional, legal right to have, carry, and use a weapon as well as voice his complaint of how our country is being pushed into the ditch by people who have the real weapons that they use to keep the population in line, seat belted up, driving the correct speed and eating the right foods and disciplining their children properly. None of our TV commentators realizes that the problem is that the MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE is being destroyed, which destroys the populace's ability to conduct TRANSACTIONS among themselves, which is what our commerce really is, the accumulation of all our transactions. When you destroy the medium of exchange (the blood system of an economy) you kill the economy (patient) and drive the system into anarchy. Those in power only care about retaining that power and the benefits that come with it. They will use the weapons they have accumulated with the money they have stolen from the populace through taxation, fines, and inflation to keep that very population under control, or they will eliminate those who they can't control, and that DOESN'T mean locking them up in prison cells, as California has recently found out they can't afford to do. IT MEANS KILLING THEM! They will eventually use the youngsters in the military that they have trained to be killers and who they have mentally crippled in our phony wars and brought back home to go nuts on us. These kids could care less about shooting a stranger...they've already done it many times. The change of clothing won't matter to them. They just like seeing bodies explode. Be very aware that you are now walking in Human Country (like the warning signs that warn you when you're in Bear Country) and you won't know which ones are on their last nerve and could explode on you in a fit of insanity brought about by desperation and their inability to do anything about it while those who 'should' be able to help try ineffectually to calm them with soothing words that 'everything will be okay'. Yeah? Bullshit! Stay on your toes and keep your eyes doing a 360 degree swivel at all times and when you think you are safe, be doubly on guard, because that's when you are the most vulnerable.


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