Thursday, September 3, 2009


Giving you gold price objectives has not proved in the past to be in your best interest as we are read by both sides of the gold market spectrum. However, one time ONLY, here they are: - $1000. Three tries and success. This is the third try. - $1024 - $1089 - $1156 - $1225 - $1296 - $1369 - $1444 - $1521 - $1600 - $1681 Then on to Alf’s numbers. (GT sez: These numbers are big: like $3000, $5000, $10,000 for the gold price. But it's impractical to put a time frame on them because by then, then economy will be in a state of revolution. Those kinds of numbers would represent the almost total hyper inflationary destruction of paper currency in dollars where you would be running for your life with gold coins on your person to a safer location where you would be less likely to be robbed, killed and stripped of the gold in your teeth by ravenous, starving mobs of the idiots left on earth.) Notice that Sinclair's numbers increase by approximately $75 dollars each level. They are very accurate, but not infallible numbers and only guides to where gold will run to each cycle as it moves higher in the next few months, NOT YEARS as many would like to think. TIME HAS RUN OUT FOR THE UNITED STATES CURRENCY AND ITS GOVERNMENT AND WAY OF LIFE. We will all soon be the largest group of beggars on the planet. PREPARE FOR IT!

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