Sunday, November 29, 2009

US police 'shot dead in ambush' in Washington state

Cops that abuse their authority have been put on notice that
not everyone is afraid of them.

Expect to be treated more harshly now by all authorities as they now fear for their lives
in their daily interactions with the public who they have been trained to think of as 'the mob'.

Just because we give them a gun, badge and 'some' authority
doesn't mean they can abuse the citizens they take an oath to protect and serve.

Being a walking target in a uniform doesn't sound like a very good job to me,
especially when citizens should be required to protect themselves rather
than always being chastized for having weapons or being arrested for using
them when others attempt to violently invade their space to rob, molest, or
otherwise harm them.

If everyone was potentially armed and properly trained to use their weapons, the more
aggressive amongst us might have second thoughts about aggressing upon any of us.

Calling the police, usually causes you more problems, not less, for, as you will eventually
find out, the police can't do anything UNTIL the damage is done, except for protecting
themselves and other authorities, of course.

That has been my recent experience with my interactions with the police on many levels.
And I'm just a 'fairly normal' 65 year old white guy that doesn't go out of his way to
make trouble for anyone (Actually, I'm much smarter and capable than 'normal', but I don't
abuse it!)

But I'm beginning to feel like a target for revenue for the authorities when I drive anywhere or simply stay at home waiting for the next 'expense' to show up due to guv'mint incompetence or sheer criminality.

Don't you feel it?

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