Thursday, February 18, 2010


GT sez:
I am amazed, but not shocked, that all the media are portraying this man as a 'nut case'.

He seems to have planned out very well his tactics of revenge by burning his house down to prevent the IRS, banks or anyone being able to profit from that asset.

He then crashed his plane into the IRS building causing damage to that Federal property and
to some of the guv'mint employees who have sold out (for their profit) by supporting  (by working for) that agency that robs their fellow citizens yearly of a good portion of their hard earned incomes without any Constitutional right to do so.

He very eloquently wrote a very long treatise (which the media feel compelled to call a 'manifesto', a derogatory term in recent history used to describe the Uni-bomber's treatise), and also called it  'rambling', a 'screed' and a 'rant', none of which describe the very precise language I have read in his very eloquent and concise 'suicide' letter, as well as being a synopsis of all the things that are wrong with this country, and the guv'mint that has both caused and allowed these many problems and CRIMES to come about AND PERSIST.

Just goes to show any of you that continue to think that mere 'logical protests in words alone' will
cause any progress to happen or prosecution of the perpetrators of these many crimes to occur any time soon, if ever.

Revolutions start when conditions such as these continue to occur on an ongoing daily basis.

This man's act was one more 'shot heard round the world' as the Second American Revolution
begins to take form.


Anonymous said...

GT.. The letter he left was heavy indeed. This is tragic. I hope his wife and daughter are OK

gt said...


From what I heard on TV, they had an argument around midnight and the wife and daughter went to a hotel. That was before he set the house on fire. So, they should be okay for now.

You may see much more of this as conditions grow much worse.

Homelessness is is now rampant everywhere and over taxing available shelters. See the article posted on tonight on the subject at: