Wednesday, May 13, 2009


FROM 'INDICT BUSH NOW.ORG Bush's 'Smoking Gun' Witness Found Dead IndictBushNow files Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to get to bottom of story The cover-up of Bush-era crimes is taking a shocking but not unexpected turn. A fateful move has been made and it is certain to backfire. Colin Powell used al-Libi's tortured and knowingly fabricated testimony to tell the United Nations that Saddam Hussein's government was helping al-Qaeda develop weapons of mass destruction to kill Americans. It was all a lie. is joining with the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund and the ANSWER Coalition to demand that the truth be told. We have filed a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) with the CIA, Department of Defense, Department of State and other agencies to reveal information in their possession about Libi’s imprisonment, torture, false testimony on Iraq and the circumstances of his death. To read a copy of the FOIA, (GO TO THE WEBSITE FOR THE LINKS) A prisoner who was horribly tortured in 2002 until he agreed - at the demand of Bush torturers - to say that al-Qaeda was linked to Saddam Hussein is suddenly dead. Several weeks ago, Human Rights Watch investigators discovered the missing inmate and talked to him. He had been secretly transferred by the administration to a prison in Libya after having been held by the CIA both in secret “black hole prisons” and in Egypt. Under conditions of extreme torture, the prisoner, Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi, agreed in 2002 to supply the Bush-ordered interrogators what they sought as a political cover for Bush’s marketing of the pending war of aggression against Iraq. Mr. Libi agreed to tell them whatever they wanted in exchange for an end to the torture. The now famous Torture Memos providing legal cover for the torture were written at the same time starting in the summer of 2002. Libi’s tortured and knowingly fabricated testimony was the source of information used by Bush to sell the war to the U.S. Senate, and the source for Colin Powell’s bogus and lying presentation to the United Nations in 2003. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice are now running around saying that the torture regime “protected the country from terrorist attack.” But the torture was used for the personal political goals of Bush and Cheney: namely, to sell their Iraq invasion to a very skeptical and disbelieving country. Having been discovered by human rights investigators two weeks ago, Mr. Libi’s story coincided with the release of the Torture Memos and the growing clamor for criminal prosecutions of Bush officials. His testimony is the smoking gun that would reveal that the torture regime was not for “national security” but for the personal political aims of Bush and Cheney. He was Exhibit A in the indictment that alleges that tortured confessions and the contrived legal justifications of torture set up by Justice Department lawyers in July/August 2002 were central to the launch of the war against Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have died and tens of thousands of U.S. service members have either been killed or badly wounded in a war that was based on lies fortified and promoted by the most sadistic torture. Mr. Libi is suddenly dead. A Libyan “newspaper source” says that his death is an apparent suicide. His friends don’t believe that. We are building a movement for the appointment of a Special Prosecutor. This is not a political choice. It is a legal imperative. Mr. Libi’s death must be the first business of the investigation. When other prisoners who had been kept at secret sites were sent to Guantanamo, the Bush administration and the CIA intentionally kept Mr. Libi from being part of that transfer. Mr. Libi was publicly stating that the Iraq-al-Qaeda links attributed to him from his torture sessions were not true. “Who was the beneficiary” from his death? Why was he spirited away by the Bush administration to hidden foreign prisons after he recanted his tortured testimony and revealed that he was forced to make false statements about Iraq under torture? is joining with the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund and the ANSWER Coalition to demand that the truth be told. We have filed a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) with the CIA, Department of Defense, Department of State and other agencies to reveal information in their possession about Libi’s imprisonment, torture, false testimony on Iraq and the circumstances of his death. To read a copy of the FOIA, click this link.


Anonymous said...

We the American people are NOT Israel’s BITCH … Obama and Congress are.,..!

Israel is NO Friend to America..!!

Congressional members with dual American / Israeli Citizenships are TRAITORS, they should be lined up against a wall and SHOT..!!

Israel / Zionist Jews are the Blood Sucking Parasites of the World. They are nothing more then Leeches feeding on Humanity and sucking the life out of Mankind.
The sooner this World is rid of them the better we all will be.

"Die Israel Die"

Anonymous said...

It is going to be real interesting when the people figure out that the nuclear trigger has been pulled on us several times over the decades.

We are the Living Dead.

Anonymous said...

Blaming Israel for this is stupid and pandering to ignorance. The Americans and British hoped to corner a significant enough porton of the oil commodity export market to bolster the falling US dollar and the end of North Sea Oil's ability to support the pound. With the ability to control oil exports in Iraq after the invasion and OPEC through Saudi Arabia, the Anglo-Saudi oil revenues could sustain deinstrialization in America and Britain. Israel and some alleged Jewish connection is hogwash and bigotry of the worst pandering sort. Grow up!

gt said...

To Anonymous posters...

Please choose a username
so we can tell who is talking to whom.

Vent if you must, just be responsible enough to put your name on your post.

Anonymous said...

What surprises me most is that people are in any way surprised. What did you expect?
Did you expect these people to play by the rules now they are out of office? Knowing that they certainly didn't abide by the rules IN office, so where in their actions is the consistancy problem? They are the predictable ones following predictable patterns. Its the anti-busgh league that si running aroudn like chickens in death thero. They have you exactly where they want you and expected you to be - powerless, confused, angry adn distracted!
The problem is perhaps, your too pious reasoning, one that refuses to accept that these people wont cant and dont obey rules. They dont like you..dont want you around as anything more than slave labour and they dont care one iota if you live or die. THAT is the truth...there's no need to seek it further. The only question remaining is - what are you going to DO about it?
The time for preperations has long past..the time for ACTION has arrived.


dogismyth said...

Don't blame Israel? no one does. Its the psychotic jewish zionist we blame. And most of them are located in England and the US. They happen to run most of the large banks and nearly 90%+ of the multimedia networks. They are not alone, and there are others besides jews just to be fair. But, the keyholders are so called jewish...but i hate using that term since it describes more of a culture than a race of people. The Palestinians are the true "jews"...but that's another story.

Its a shame about the tortured individual. He must have been a brave man to withstand so much abuse over the years. I can't even imagine going through that sort of hell.

I hate to bring it up, but the first investigation should be on 9-11. That was the starting point for all this bullshit and chaos created over the years.

I realize many want to get to the truth, but it seems that there is so much effort going on to reveal any and all illegal gov activity.

The efforts are becoming fragmented and not gaining the popular support which is needed to bring this into the public and legal eye.

Folks...we need to focus the people on a single investigation to garner as much support as possible. There has to be a kick off point, and the 9-11 investigation would be a great start. Many of the other atrocities would fall into line once the process begins.

No disrespect to those pursuing the many illegal activities. I think we have little time, and a primary thrust ought to be to get people involved in demanding answers. We must rally the people behind a single cause for the effect to be felt worldwide, and to the stooges who have and are occupying our government.

Verlch said...

You need to ask Terrorists, that kill, maim and murder innocent people, which nation, of all the nations, they would rather be captured by. They would say the United States.

You sissies need to get that straight.

MonkeeSeeU said...

Israels god is to blame for all this evil in the name of our saviors, the zionist lieing double agents foothold in the government of the united states of israel.

Hitler knew something the world is only realizing now.

Anonymous said...

Democracy is two Jews and a sheep talking about what's for dinner.

Liberty is a well armed sheep contesting the menu.

Billiam said...

Are you serious? We should never negotiate with anyone that has been deemed a "terrorist" or anything of the like. Sure, they can have their natural rights while they are in custody, but they are not Americans and thus deserve none of our national rights. In many cases torture is necessary.

There should be no people working for any part of our government that claim allegiance to another country. You are an American or you can get the fuck out. :)

So we went to "war." So? There is war going on all around the world. Just because we go it somehow becomes wrong? Fuck the hypocritical hippies that think that way. The United States of America was not the only country in Iraq for Desert Storm or Gulf War 2.

Anonymous said...

Look at you,Americans...
It was YOU who voted for Bush.
It was YOU who voted for Obama.
The majority of you are uneducated sheeple,brainwashed by your government.
Stop whining,do something.

Anonymous said...

Israelis are not monolithic..and they are not unanimously behind some conspiracy to dominate the world thru proxy.
The majority of Israelis suffer from the same malaise as the vast majority of Americans..their so-called democratically elected, media-maipulating, hypocritical, blinded by ambition, greed and power-lusting 'masters. They wrap themselves in God and flag and sell the citizens a dream or a nightmare. The vast majority of Israelis sincerely want peace, to live a normal life, like you..and take no interest in the politics of the world. Demonizing all Israelis as Zionists and satanists, is like demonizing all Americans as fascists and racists.
It ain't know it and I know it. We all know it. Spreading the hate is only helping the PTB divide us and remain in control of our be at each others throats instead of hanging THEM from the neck until dead.

Anonymous said...

The televised Senate Hearing yesterday showed how the citizens are being deceived and denied justice once again with a kangaroo court.

Senator Graham tried his hardest to frame the hearing as a quest to find out if any laws were broken by "torture" methods that don't meet definitions of torture according to the ancient UK laws and of his puppet masters laws in ISRAEL! It's all being framed around al-qaeda causing 9/11.

We the People need to make some noise about this because the hearing on torture should not be framed around al-qaeda committing the 9/11 acts. It was traitors within our government acting with other global leaders who committed the acts of 9/11 because they sought to profit financially and block our rights and sovereignty as citizens (subjects to them to manipulate and rob).

The hearings need to be approached without the lies that al-qaeda was a suspect. The suspects are holding the hearings - how hypocritical and corrupt.

No justice is going to come of these bogus hearings unless they stop approaching it with deciet about who really is behind 9/11. Silverstein is a suspect as is Bernanke, Geithner, Greenspan, Guiliani, Chene. First and foremost. Kissinger is public enemy number one in the world who is behind the 9/11 attacks.

If he hearings are not approached without the lies and cove-rup of Insiders who really committed the treason that led to torture, then we are having more of our money and time wasted and stolen by the coup that brought us 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Further to yesterday's Senate Hearings,
Philip Zelikow stated on record that our government planned to use waterboarding and other torture methods on us, ON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CITIZENS, on us taxpayers who pay them to serve us not to torture us, even renditioning us to Libya to torture legally in that nation. The fact that they rendition proves that they know it's illegal in the USA. So, they are attempting to call it something less than torture, something like an "inconvenience" even though they've murdered detainees by waterboarding them.

It's of utmost importance that we get involved in this hearing to make sure it's approached from a sound premise and not from the bogus premise that's currently being offered to us (in the name of justice!)

The bogus premise offered, that Senators approved torture (waterboarding ect.) because they believed al-qaeda struck us on 9/11. However, many senators were involoved in insider trading in the stock market at the time and profited in the stock market on 9/11 because of 9/11. It's not wrong to suspect them as being part of the coup perpetrated by an enemy within - senators. New York's mayor who ran away on foot long before the towers fell having been warned. Senator Feinstein telephoned Wille Brown and warned him the day before! due to her having foreknowledge. She might have enjoyed the torture as a way to scare Americans into submission so her foreknknowledge and treason is not discovered. Feinstein was at the Senate Hearing yesterday but added nothing that could help We the People get the justice we have demanded from her and her cabal of traitors.

Do you see what we are up against? A miscarriage of justice. The bank robbers are running the bank! The real terrorists are running the Senate Hearing. It will continue to be televised tomorrow and so on.

We must make some noise and demand an end to the Kangaroo Hearings that are proving to look like another cover-up, one that bases it's faulty premise on the bogus 9/11 Commission Report findings.

This is TREASON. These mass murderers are America's biggest danger.

This week it's been said that former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has just told Russia to attack America, he told them to begin forcing New World Order on Americans. He needs to be tried for treason. Making a Citizens' Arrest on him is the only way to stop Kissinger from attacking America from the inside by calling those he's illegally armed in Russia. He robbed Americans in order to make us pay the cost of providing weapons to Russia. He's trying to kill many millions of people because he's a sociopathic Jew who is very old. He's trying to kill us before he dies. He would love to see millions of people die. He's evil. When he speaks no one can understand him because he's so fat and stupid that he mumbles. He doesn't try to be heard, he makes you do all the work in trying to understand his poor speeches. He's an idiot. They protect him because he makes them rich and has conned them into believing they can do anything they want to us without punishment.

It's your duty as Americans to defend this nation from the ENEMY WITHIN even if it is a criminally acting cabal in our own government. And that's what it is.

Anonymous said...

al- Libi??? now that's an alibi!

Anonymous said...

An open letter to all in America

Regardless of your race, creed, religion
we must ask of ourselves the very hard ?s
one of these days the nations of the world
will say enough and everything we have done to those around us will come back upon us. Its very frightening and tragic. Whether you are a dem/rep/ind con/lib or
non of the above - we all must ask the hard ? - How did we go from being the greatest nation on the earth to where we are now??? And how long will it be before we experience what some would label divine retribution? Its time to pray and stand up for those who have no voice!

dean said...

monkeyseeu you insult monkeys by using them as a nick. you talk like a deluded bigot.