Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Wed 6/3/09 Jim, This is ***************aka Goldtrader. I love you Jim, and have been a diligent follower, and fervent disciple of you and your website since I discovered it in 2003. We talked once long ago on the phone when you called me. You also blasted me once on your website for an email I sent that I didn't construct as well as I should have, and you misinterpreted its meaning. You are a noble fellow for what you are doing for all of us and the world by disseminating the info you do. BUT... YOU SET YOUR OWN SELF UP FOR THE PROBLEMS YOU NOW, AND HAVE ALWAYS, COMPLAINED ABOUT. Why you would ever put yourself at the wrong end of a funnel to receive, for free, the phone calls, emails, and faxes of every fucking idiot in the world and expect to have it work well, is beyond me. You of all people, should have expected the volume to be from the idiots and lazy asses who want you to be their Mommie. You should have, long ago, had an FAQ link on your website with the basic answers to the most often asked questions so you don't HAVE to repeat it 100 times a day, or explain to each individual dummy that calls you in panic what he was to lazy to figure out for him/herself. YOU have created your own problems. So don't be blaming the people you know are idiots and will never learn even if you bought, traded and stored their gold for them and bought survival supplies for them with it. They would blow it all on booze,crack and whores anyway. You can mangle an English sentence better than anyone I've ever read, brother. Your punctuation, and grammar construction is horrendous, and I'm sure you have NEVER proof read one of your posts, or you would see the many simple mistakes you make every day. I think you are just attempting to appear more dignified with your use of language. You have lost that battle. You are much more dignified by just being the simple fellow you truly are and cutting out the pompous bullshit. It's a wonder that even the intelligent people can make sense out of much of what you say in your tangled sentence structures as you REFUSE to speak "dogshit" plain and simple English sentences so that the average person might have a chance at deriving the meaning you are intending to impart to them. I would have gladly proofread everyone of your posts just to help you get the message across. But you are just too damn stubborn and ornery to ever allow anyone to correct you, I'm sure. It's too late now to do anything but create the FAQs I suggest and cut off all phone calls, and maybe even emails and faxes and just go back to your corporate duties and spending your remaining time on earth relaxing with your pets and family members. If you keep up what you're doing, you are going to have a heart attack from the stress. I wish you well, but YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF! Thanks for everything you do. *********** *********, Idaho An original Golden Comet with pin and diploma intact.

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