Tuesday, June 2, 2009


GT sez: I have wondered for far too long why Jim can't hire someone to check his posts for grammatical correctness, and punctuation. He is one of the MASTERS at mangling the English language. Too bad he can't just speak 'dogshit'. But I think he has a personal image problem. Nevertheless, he is a great and generous man to have given us all, FOR FREE, the knowledge of his lifetime about economics, precious metals, and how they operate together to preserve your personal assets against the THEFT of guv'mints. Jim Sinclair’s Commentary Don’t let the numbing spin and off the scale development with equities put you in an exposed mode. The dollar is dead - that is becoming quite clear. The ramification of the demise of the dollar this year are severe. The sheeple are sleeping, dope smoking, snorting or doing something else to disengaged their brains. Gold is going to $1650 then on to Alf’s numbers. The dollar is going to .52 and maybe lower on the USDX. The long bonds are going to Hades. The IMF is going to be the world Federal Reserve. There will be a SDR tied to gold as I have suggested, in the form of a basket of mainly non-dollar currencies that will be the one world currency. The agenda of those that seek the above is unfolding. Democracy will become an underground movement. About all this there is no question. Are you prepared?

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