Saturday, January 9, 2010

Underwear Bomber Renews Calls for ‘Naked Scanners’

Underwear Bomber Renews Calls for ‘Naked Scanners’

GT sez:

These multi million dollar body scanners were scheduled to be purchased in advance of the
Detroit 'underpants bomber'.

Isn't it convenient that this 'incident' happened to create the 'need' for such devices?

Do you really think any of these 'terrorist' incidents are just a coincidence anymore?

Come on  sheople....use what's left of the unyet brainwashed, propagandized parts of your
brains to TRULY SEE what is going on as the remaining remnants of your HUMAN RIGHTS
are taken from you by the bullying 'authorities' that you no longer have the balls to stand up to.

Violent revolution seems to be the only viable alternative left to the citizens of the world to stop
these madmen from killing us all.

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