Saturday, September 13, 2008


I consider this article to be a MODERN DAY equivalent of PATRICK HENRY'S DECLARATION..."GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!" SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE...even if you have to print up copies and hand them out at the grocery store or on the street corner! And Then We Will Die By Angie Riedel 06/09/08 "ICH " -- - It is time to get past the 'death and violence is the answer' mentality. We can not afford to let it continue. The US government now confronts every minor inconvenience with brutality and force. With lies. With tricks. With deceit. With unrivaled hypocrisy. It speaks a scripted and rehearsed dialog of illogic and insults. It changes the meanings of words and uses those words as weapons to crush, to silence and oppress, to steal what it wants. This government no longer shows respect for anyone but itself and feels no compulsion to listen or cooperate, to show respect for others, or to care at all about right and wrong, truth or lies, justice or injustice. It seems that this government can't take a single step without stepping on others, without breaking the very laws it exists to uphold, without negating every principle we stand for. At what point will this criminality cease? ENTIRE ARTICLE: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\ARTICLE - AND THEN WE WILL DIE- ANGIE RIEDEL\And Then We Will Die      Information Clearing House - ICH.htm Angie Riedel also has more articles on the ICH.ORG website found by putting her name in their SEARCH BOX (FIVE ARTICLES). She also has a blog called THINK OR BE EATEN at Please scroll through it and read her long description of why George W. Bush had that quizzical look on his face as he was informed of the 9/11 attack as he was reading My Pet Goat to the children and why it took him so long to move into action.