Monday, September 15, 2008


TODAY'S REPORTS: Empire state index Industrial production Jim Sinclair's predictions all come true! What else can I add to it? Everything we have discussed for the past months will now come to pass. At the moment the markets are waiting for the stock market to open and everyone is in "prayer mode" hoping that this won't affect them... IT WILL! The idiots on CNBC are babbling incoherently trying to decipher this mess and haven't even come close to the truth... THE UNITED STATES IS NOW BANKRUPT! The bankruptcy of Lehman and all others who will now fail will start migrating through every institution in the country and then start moving out into the World like the ripples in a lake after a stone is thrown in it. THIS IS A HUGE STONE! I can't predict Human Nature, but always expect humans to take the stupidest actions in a crisis. This will be no different, so don't do anything drastic until you are willing to put your life and your survival on the pass line. If you have PMs...HANG ON TO THEM! If you DON'T have gold...CALL KATHY LUCATERO at MONEX... and get some NOW! Gold should EXPLODE very soon. Too bad Dan Norcini is trapped in the dark down in HOUSTON.