Thursday, September 18, 2008


WE ARE ALL FUCKED! Turned on the TV, it was on MSNBC, Morning Joe... Pat Buchanan was speaking the truth...for once... Arie Fliescher, neocon Mouth for Hire was spewing lies.. Joe Scarborough, biggest fool on the planet and Mika Brezinski, you know who's daughter control the conversation like they had a clue. THERE IS SO MUCH BULLSHIT FLYING AROUND on TV that it is a wonder we don't have mass suicides by now. Folks, the Guv'mint pulled out everything but the Nuclear Bomb yesterday. Osamba bin Laden must be laughing heartily, because he has completely SUCCEEDED in getting our IDIOT IN CHIEF, BUSH to BANKRUPT this nation in an unwinnable war. We are now the NEW ZIMBABWE OR UNITED STATES OF ENRON. Gold will boom even higher and faster now as it has to absorb ALL THE LOST VALUE of PAPER MONEY which now is so profuse that it will soon block out the sun. This is a VERY DANGEROUS TIME PEOPLE. WE ARE IN A STATE OF ECONOMIC COLLAPSE and it's in HIGH GEAR! It doesn't do any good to describe the individual markets right now because they will all change on a dime. Most significanat is that BONDS ARE FALLING so long term interest rates ARE GOING UP! And they will continue up until they attract investors into the Dollar. Go to ZIMBABWE for current experience in this predicament and take a large bag to carry your spending money in. No need to take toilet paper, as you will have it in the bag. More later... I could go on forever, as I am beyond furious at our "Leaders" Many executions should be in the works for lots of our most prominent people. My apologies to our Founding Fathers.