Thursday, September 18, 2008


What a Hell of a day! Gold plays with us for the first part of the session but hangs in there against all opposition. Finally, the shorts give in and cover and gold skyrockets about $75 higher, only to have our wonderfully supportive Guv'mint jump into the Daily Spin Cycle and propose even more and bigger bailouts which causes the equities lemmings to think the solution has been found. Stocks run up, the CNBC BLABBER MOUTHS all chime in together that this is a good time to throw your money away even faster in the Stock Market. And the doofuses who have the only REAL MONEY in the World, GOLD, throw it away to the waiting Elite Vultures in the trenches. A Nation of Complete Idiots! This World is now DROWNING in Worthless Paper Money which is devaluing the already worthless Paper Money floating around faster and faster into the Earth's Toilet. I'm tired after only maybe four hours sleep in two days, so I'm going to bed early to recuperate. PLEASE read the following two articles by my new favorite authors: ELAINE MEINEL SUPKIS BANKRUPT FEDERAL RESERVE WILL SPRAY THE EARTH WITH DOLLARS BOB CHAPMAN ALL ROADS LEAD TO HYPERINFLATION DO NOT AVOID LONG ARTICLES. You learn the most from them. Good Night and Good Luck tomorrow.