Monday, September 29, 2008


NO REPORTS TODAY Spent the weekend restoring my main computer...What a chore. Lost of stuff didn't back up, but what I need is still here. Hopefully I got rid of all the crap and bugs that were slowing it down. Just read JSMINESET.COM, BOB CHAPMAN, AND ELAINE SUPKIS for details of the Weekend Comedy in D.C. Bush manages to sneak out again this AM and say "hard work"... when has that asshole every worked hard, except at lying? Until a BAILOUT bill is passed or not, gold will be uncertain in the PAPER MARKET.. As everyone should know by now, CASH GOLD IS GETTING HARD TO OBTAIN, and certainly not at spot prices. This means you better get what you can, while you can. Gold will always be available...AT A PRICE! Please notice that I am now attempting to put some current comments at the bottom of each chart, but it takes extra time to do and takes me away from my own trading, which is hair-trigger timed to take advantage of some of these gold swings... so my trading comes first. Only 37 days until we elect another IDIOT to run this fire drill.