Tuesday, September 30, 2008


TODAY'S REPORTS: Retail chain index Case-Shiller home prices Chicago PMI Consumer confidence Didn't have my laptop by my bed because I restored it too and haven't had time to put my trading platform on it, so I had nothing to watch periodically to get my attention. Finally woke up about 5:07 with the alarm in my hand still pushing the snooze button. There hasn't been that much fast action overnight, just a slow sell off as the World digests the results of what Bush and his people have done to our Nation and Economic System. None of these pukes are EVER going to admit their stupidity and greed for power and money caused this mess and that all the suffering of millions of people is their responsibility. They'll just run to Paraguay and drink cocktails until their livers quit. The market is moving so fast that it is difficult to post a proper short term chart or even make a comment that's usable. This is a gambler's market, except you are gambling for your economic survival this time. It's hard to believe that the manipulators can still push gold down, but when you have the weak longs scared you can do lots of things to a market. The up move volumes aren't large enough to make me think this market can't have a quick sell off where the "elites" will buy more cheap gold for themselves while at the same time take the profit from their short positions while they drive the market down. Talk about having your cake and eating too! I'm going to post some articles I discovered last night while I was fixing computer problems. Much time was wasted doing that, and I know what I'm doing! More as I think of it.