Wednesday, October 1, 2008


TODAY'S REPORTS: ADP employment ISM Construction spending On the longer term charts (hourly and greater) you can see that gold is actually trading SIDEWAYS here overall between 8285 and 932 in an up channel (blue lines on chart, see recent chart this morning. Nothing is acting as it would if the manipulators weren't fiddling non-stop with everything to prevent their arrest and conviction for TREASON for this CRIMINAL manipulation of THE MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE of our economic system which also AFFECTS THE WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM because our Dollar is also the INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE MEDIUM. Gold is,just before 5am pdst falling on light volume after a head fake to the upside. Short term trading in gold is a total CRAP SHOOT as nothing resolves for very long in either direction. Floor traders are simply reaching in the barrel and taking candy from the baby fishes, to combine two metaphors. The rest of this week will be insane while the "NEW" BAILOUT BILL is being considered by these infantile self-absorbed idiots we have in our NATIONAL LEGISLATURE, ADMINISTRATION, AND COURTS. The INMATES ARE DEFINITELY RUNNING THE ASYLUM!