Thursday, October 2, 2008


TODAY'S REPORTS: Jobless claims Factory orders Gold slips lower overnite falling below the Major Uptrend Channel's bottom line. Euro sinks almost to previous lows at 1.3864 as Europe has worse problems than we do at the moment. These markets represent the actions of people who understand nothing about the crisis we are ALL in and who are reacting "in the moment" to each bit of State Propaganda from their individual nations, and especially our crooked leaders whose economy affects all others. Knowing what we know about gold's part in all of this makes us disappointed that THE WORLD isn't fully aware of the calamity that is unfolding all around us much as carbon monoxide slowly fills a room and kills you while you are growing sleepier from its presence. Just maintain your faith in gold and what it represents. This is the period where vast amounts of gold and other assets are trading hands out of sight of the masses, where the ELITES are filling their coffers with gold and the stocks of major entities, so that eventually they will be the new owners of the World's resources and assets. History never changes its ultimate course of separating fools from their assets. Ultimately, it appears the goal in life seems to be just to survive it for as long as it is rewarding to your body. It never turns out like you expect or plan for it to turn out.