Friday, October 3, 2008


TODAY'S REPORTS: Nonfarm payrolls Unemployment rate Average hourly wages ISM services Please see my comment under this morning's first chart. Watched the first question and both answers of the VP Debate and turned it off. It was as painful as listening to the happy voice lady that greets you when you call a company and get the voice recognition system or the phone tree. I can't spend any more precious minutes of my remaining days of this life polluting my brain with this concocted propaganda. It goes on 24/7 now. You can't escape it. TV,radio, billboards, people waving signs in front of businesses in costumes. Hell, if you go in the woods to fish, I expect to see adverts painted on the side of the trout pretty soon. 1984 is here. Brave New World is here. Brazil, the movie (great flick) is here. Surviving this bullshit is only a part of the task now. Getting any personal value and reward is the BIG TASK. And that can only be done by you, by reading and experiencing AND THEN SHARING WITH OTHERS what you know for sure, with NO EXPECTATION that they will "get it", as they have to find their personal rewards on their own, in the same way. It's called EVOLUTION OF MAN. Anyway, I take this opportunity to share my morning brilliance with you. If it stimulates your mind and jerks you out of the trance that the PROPAGANDA has you in...I will be satisfied. This should be an interesting Friday, as over the weekend, Europe is considering their own BAIL OUT PACKAGE. (see JSMINESET.COM for more). There are so many things happening in rapid succession that it's hard to discuss them all coherently even if you can see clearly what is occurring, and understand why it's happening. I hate the "deck chairs on the Titanic" metaphor, but as I listen to and watch the CNBC JABBERWOCKIES blabber and spew whatever stupid thought is on the tip of their fragile minds, I saw this "DELEVERAGING", (HAHAHA, what a stupid word) of companies as they merge BUILDINGS, as being nothing more than the reorganization of the OVER STUFFED LAZY BOY CHAIRS on the deck of the sinking U.S.S. GEORGE W. BUSH "I AM A TRAITOR". These companies are merely CONSOLIDATING the PHYSICAL REMAINS of their companies to later be stuffed with more serf employees who will once again buy their companies' stock, and then lose it all again, plus their jobs, in the next financial collapse. Because these fools NEVER LEARN. They just do the same dumb shit again and again. And we pay for it whether through losing our investments in their schemes, or by having the Guv'mint reach into our pockets through INFLATION when they bail their pals out after the scheme fails or is found out. Enough...this whole thing is just too big a case of MASS STUPIDITY! And unfortunately, IT IS GOING TO BE FATAL FOR MANY, MANY OF US!