Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Everyone at the Hearing is being very polite to one another, as is expected in the old saw "honor among thieves!" The only thing these Senators are doing is asking some very well thought out questions in an attempt to show the Public that they are there in an attempt to seek the best for the Publiic's Welfare. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their pose is merely to absolve them later when they WILL VOTE TO GIVE PAULSON THE AUTHORITY HE SEEKS! Paulson is starting to stammer (an effect he uses to keep people from hearing what he is saying, and also an affectation of liars) more an more as the questions become more probing. The most important element is whether or not he will be afforded COMPLETE IMMUNITY from later investigation or prosecution. Read Bob Chapman's articles to understand the implications of this obscene manipulation of Congress (who is in on it) and this blatant attempt to destroy our Constitution, and gain Complete Dictatorial Control of the country. Bernanke, who hasn't had to answer many questions, simply resorts to complexity and intellectual ramblings to obfuscate his criminal involvement in this disaster. Chris Cox seems to be pretty straight forward for now, but is most certainly a part of the whole nefarious cover up of the criminal actions of the Guv'mint. Lockhart, the new head of Fan/Fred, is simply a walking disaster looking for a place to happen.