Thursday, September 25, 2008


Dear Readers, The events of the last week are merely the preface to what I, and many others, have attempted to predict for you over the last months and years. I am late to the publishing arena, but not to the prediction of the disaster that has finally materialized 35 years after I thought it would happen. My feelings this evening, after watching the various cable and main stream media events produced for our dining and entertainment pleasure by those with THE MONEY, and A HIDDEN AGENDA, make me think that this country, AND MOST OF THE WESTERN WORLD, deserves exactly what we are getting... RULE BY PSYCHOPATHIC KILLER, GREED MONSTERS! There simply is no other conclusion to arrive at given the severity of the CONSEQUENCES of what they have done to our economy and culture. What does it take to get people, who are being driven in to their early graves one heinous act at a time, to get off their obese, lazy, self-indulgent asses, to turn off the TV and form a NATIONAL MOB to go to the White House and yank this scum out of there and execute them on the front lawn of said White House? The posings of our so-called "representatives" in the news media, and the questioning of them by our so-called "journalists" is nothing short of the most colassal FARCE ever perpetrated on human beings since history has been recorded. You have all been duped by the scuzziest of the scuzzy amongst us because you all CHOSE to watch sports and gossip TV instead of fulfilling your CITIZEN'S DUTY to monitor your LOCAL GOVERNMENT, and ultimately, your NATIONAL GUV'MINT! YOU NOW HAVE WHAT YOU HAVE REAPED. It will be one long time before you ever get to enjoy living in this country. The struggle is about to begin in earnest as the Guv'mint will pass this BAILOUT FOR THE BIGGIES...AT OUR EXPENSE! Once it's will NEVER be rescinded...the price of DICTATORSHIP. Welcome to HITLER'S HELL RE DUX. The only thing you can do now, is to use those CAPITOL SWITCHBOARD NUMBERS listed below and call your THREE 'REPRESENTATIVES' (two Senators and one Representative) and voice your DISGUST with what they have done, are doing, and will continue to do, for THEIR OWN BENEFIT....TO YOUR PERSONAL DETRIMENT! Speak up before you are UNABLE to speak up. That time is merely days, if not HOURS, away.