Friday, September 26, 2008


TODAY'S REPORTS: GDP Consumer sentiment The Economic Collapse of 2008-9 is in full progress. McCain (maybe our next Prezidunce)finally managed to bomb something. The BAILOUT NEGOTIATIONS. I say good for getting the bailout to fail and expose our "political masters" for what they are...self-serving thieves at the public trough. Washington Mutual goes down, and all the talking heads are transmitting the "company" line (read Guv'mint) that your deposits are safe..hahaha! I am only leaving just enough in my checking account to pay a few immediate bills online, as the mails waste time. And I'm ready to lose that little bit, or have it tied up I have managed to tie up all the banks I use with low interest loans and pay them off in inflated money (I did this in the 1970s stagflation too) and if they screw with me in any way, I will default on the loans. Let them get blood out of a stone. They deserve the same treatment they have given their "customers"! A fool and his money are soon parted. The dollar is tanking, the Euro has been down but is coming back up right now, oil is at 105, stocks should collapse today, bonds are down so long term interest rates are up (not helpful for the economy) and the Chinese Fire Drill in D.C. continues at a rapid pace. Should be an interesting trading day. Gold has been down over night, so it appears that gold has to be bombed as part of the "smoke and mirrors" manipulations by the Guv'mint to keep their necks out of a noose. Stay tuned for the details of this bloody slow motion train wreck.