Wednesday, September 24, 2008


TODAY'S REPORT: Existing home sales 7AM EASTERN The deck chairs are being moved every day now. Sometimes hourly. But the Ship of State is still taking on water. I'm sure you have all noticed that the markets don't react rationally at all. This is the result of MANIPULATION. The manipulation is about as obvious as a bad magic trick. There is nothing to say about the individual markets that will help you. The dollar is down, but does gold go up? NO! The euro sinks (or goes up) intra-day, and gold doesn't react, or reacts illogically. This is where THE FUNDAMENTALS of GOLD vs. FIAT MONEY has to be understood. We should all BELIEVE WITHOUT RESERVATION by now, that GOLD IS THE MONEY... and FIAT MONEY is fire starter at best and toilet paper for sure. Time wounds all heals... And the people who perpetrate(d) this MASSIVE FRAUD will have their judgment day. The anger in people is mounting, appropriately, right at the end of George Bush's term as the most DESTRUCTIVE president in our short history as a nation. He, and his crew of idiots, have managed to destroy, in less than eight years, what it has taken many lives and over two hundred years to create, even though we stole the land from its original owners and then killed and tortured them, and continue to humiliate them to this day. We are all now getting what we COLLECTIVELY DESERVE for our unwillingness to PARTICIPATE in our Guv'mint at all levels. We have become a hateful, xenophobic and gluttonous people who pray to mythical beings for salvation and forgiveness and make THINGS OUR IDOLS rather than have real human interactions with our fellow human beings, and have become human "doings". The gold market this morning is doing its usual pre-NY opening "dance", having just done a "head fake" rally only to rapidly sell off down to the white trend line (see charts). Where it will go today, I do not know. There will be trading opportunites galore, all very risky if you are not lightening quick and take your profits at the first opportunity. Long term CASH buyers should buy in on strong sell offs, and then go back to bed. Those unable to buy gold and silver should be fixing up their survival area and stocking it with supplies to last a long time.