Tuesday, September 23, 2008


TODAY'S REPORT: Retail chain index 5:45AM PDST As Hanky Panky Paulson and Helicopter Ben head to Congress today to try to capture the flag and gain EMPERORSHIP of the country, all Markets are on hold to see what is going to happen with THE BIG BAILOUT (aka THE DEATH OF THE REPUBLIC/CONSTITUTION) All I can suggest is to thoroughly read CHAPMAN, SUPKIS, AND SINCLAIR/NORCINI to be able to understand how this mess is proceeding. In any event, WE ARE ALL IN BIG TROUBLE NOW! There is simply NO SOLUTION to this WITHOUT PAIN! The big decision now, is how much of the pain can these CRIMINAL BANKERS AND POLITICIANS/WAR CRIMINALS foist off on the Citizeny of the World, and still remain free to enjoy their loot without being hung. Gold is not trading in any recognizable pattern in the short term, and most up moves have been aborted through MANIPULATION. The best you can do is to BUY CASH GOLD/SILVER on the pull backs. As Bob Chapman has stated..."without gold, you will be vaporized" in the future economic collapse. Happy thoughts!