Friday, October 10, 2008


TODAY'S REPORTS: Trade balance Import price index (LIKE THEY MATTER ANYMORE!) Quite an end of market stock close yesterday and overnight! Nothing like watching the World collapse in real time on TV while watching all the lying spinmeisters keep blathering their bullshit non-stop. MW comments are back up, to give "the masses" a pressure relief value to express their outrage at what their pathetic, criminal leaders have done to the World's Economic System. These people should all be hunted down and turned into field slaves for eternity. Jim Rodgers was on CNBC Europe last night. It was pure joy to hear him answer the British doofus who only wanted to know how a smooth transition could be made back to some semblance of normalcy. Rodgers flat out told everyone..."You let the failures go BANKRUPT, and those who know what they are doing to pick up the remains". He said the G7 members should just go to the bar and stay out of the way. PURE GENIUS... There is no answer to this mess except to let the chips fall where they SHOULD (not on the common man!)and just let the system collapse quickly and then restructure...of course with some type of humanitarian attempts to alleviate the suffering of the masses who will be starving and thus becoming violent in their search for food and shelter. I sure hate to see that everything I've been telling everyone for over 35 years is EXACTLY CORRECT.... BUT.... I TOLD YOU SO! Be sure to grab your survival supplies before they all run out!