Thursday, October 9, 2008


TODAY'S REPORTS: Jobless claims Wholesale inventories Well, gold got pushed down overnight against all possible logic, as the Euro was rising the whole time. All those idiots on the public comments at MarketWatch, especially "mos" who derided me and others who claimed our cries of MANIPULATION were part of our mental problem, should be thoroughly ashamed and beg for our forgiveness. Many who pummeled us with insults day after day are now losing their ASSets by the minute. I know of one particularly vocal poster who says he is "hanging on" to his stock positions, and has a "secure job". We shall see just how secure anything is pretty soon. This economic crisis has the ability and potential to take the ENTIRE WORLD down to step one and turning us into cave dwellers. It is even going to test the rich, who don't seem to be able to live except upon the backs of others. So when those "others" simply say "fuck you" to them, it will be interesting to see the rich foraging for food by the side of the highway. I am not in a good mood today, am in pain again from this abdominal problem which the medical community seems to think can be handled any old time at their leisure. I have an appointment this morning at 7:30am pdst for an UltraSound which means I will leave no later than 6:15am pdst and not be able to comment or post charts until I get back... unless they find they have to operate, in which case it should be a day or more before I can follow the market and post from my lap top while in recovery. Gold should not be able to drop much lower... But I'm simply amazed that they have been able to push it lower on such low volume overnight... It's been like water torture (drip, drip, drip) watching it slip all night long. I also have to stop and get my truck lights fixed after my doctor appointment, so that will take some time too. It should be fun trying to get to my appointment with only my high beams and flasher as the sun is rising here at 7:00am pdst now. Everything always happens at once, doesn't it? Oh, has anyone else noticed that the MARKETWATCH comments are no longer, at least out on the public articles? I see that MattDragonSilver still has some of our members posting now and then and that his group has grown a bit. I would be nice to hear from any of the old GROUP members to see how they are fairing as this crisis comes to a head. Is anyone complaining now about all the effort I went through to get you folks into PHYSICAL CASH GOLD now? Especially as we are now finding it harder to acquire?