Tuesday, October 7, 2008


TODAY'S REPORTS: NOTHING THIS MORNING Retail chain index AT 5:45AM PDST Consumer credit AT NOON PDST Gold rallied overnite up to the 61.8% fib line of the whole move down from 932 to 82250. Dollar is slipping a bit, Euro is coming back up. Stocks are a disaster. Bonds are flopping around, but mainly being bought as a safe place to park money (for what? you almost have to pay them interest!) I am still in a good deal of discomfort as my "Ass Blaster" decided to work first thing this morning. With that and some cramps I'm barely able to keep my mind on the market and post. At 7:30am pdst, I call the doctor for an appointment. It's a 25 mile trip to town with no toilets for miles. fun, huh? Plus it's raining today. You can see the stair step pattern gold is making. Over night it waits until past midnight my time to move up another level. I may have to start trading nights which will make it very hard to post during the day. It's easier in some ways to trade at night, but much slower and with fewer signals and news available to me. A little pre-opening rally at 4.54am thru just now and the pull back. Well, lets's see what today brings us... It appears we are heading up in convulsive pulses to $1000 and beyond. READ SINCLAIR TO KEEP UP TO DATE!