Saturday, October 11, 2008

JIM RODGERS ON CNBC FRIDAY MORNING Notice how the British interviewer completely misses the point of what Rodgers has just told him and persists in asking if there is some way to get out of this mess easily. Nobody in the media, or in Guv'mint seems to get THE POINT... THEY COMPLETELY FUCKED UP THE SYSTEM AND IT'S BANKRUPT! This means that THE MONEY IS GONE! The ONLY way to move beyond this mess is to ACCEPT THE LOSS, PICK UP THE PIECES, and create an HONEST, WORKABLE SYSTEM. This means that THERE ARE LOSERS, AND THERE ARE WINNERS, depending on what each did with their assets BEFORE the collapse finally took place. THERE IS NO GOING BACK TO BEFORE THE PHONEY PAPER WAS CREATED... Just like there is no taking poison out of the water after you drink it.