Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The financial crisis could be the euro's death knell and even end the shambolic EU By Christopher Booker 08/10/08 "Daily Mail' -- At the very moment when Europe's banking system is teetering on the edge of collapse and national economies are in freefall, we might, perhaps, have expected the EU finally to live up to its more grandiose pretensions as the ' government of Europe'. Yet what have we seen by way of the EU's response to what is undoubtedly the most testing crisis in its history? A few perfunctory fine words and empty gestures - and then the national leaders flapping off like so many headless chickens to pursue their own national interests, regardless of all those laws and principles which in easier times they were apparently so happy to sign up to. The truth is that this massive banking crisis has exposed the hollowness, the impotence and the hypocrisy of the European Union like nothing before in its history.