Thursday, October 9, 2008


Massive Gains Wiped Out in Markets Despite Everyone Being Warned Subscribers to the IF were warned for serveral years about the financial crisis that is now upon us,five years of gains wiped out, Congress approves the Paulson Ponzi Plunder Plan, there is no intention of supporting the stock markets, credit default swaps are at the root of the big losses, Plan was approved only by adding 150 billion in pork to thelegislation AND READ THIS ONE TOO! I just didn't have time to post it during my physical problems. Bailout Creating a Financial Black Hole to Suck Us All In October 4th, 2008 - A dish of Bailout with a side of pork, shareholders vaporized by Derivatives Death-Star, We all await the financial markets implosion, No problems solved by the bailout, Stay prepared for a full shutdown of the financial system with some cash on hand, Credit default swaps unregulated point in the chain